IC Study Skills

Competency Goal 1
Use note-taking skills to identify and record important information from text and class presentation.
1.01 Utilize skimming and scanning skills to locate important information from readings.
1.02 Use an organized format to take notes, i.e. outline, Cornell.
1.03 Use abbreviations and paraphrase information while taking notes.
1.04 Identify and analyze essential information from classroom notes.
1.05 Add examples and/or pictures to help retain and retrieve information.


Competency Goal 2
Demonstrate appropriate time management and organizational skills.

2.01 Determine and bring needed materials to classes.
2.02 Use a term calendar.
2.03 Use an organized weekly and daily planner.
2.04 Maintain an organized notebook.
2.05 Complete and turn in classwork, homework and long-term assignments by specified deadlines.
2.06 Monitor and record completed assignments.
2.07 Utilize interim deadlines, i.e. chunking, to break large, long-term assignments into manageable parts.


Competency Goal 3
Demonstrate the use of reference and research skills.

3.02 Use Table of Contents, Glossary, and Index in textbooks.
3.02 Read and interpret charts, graphs, and diagrams in textbooks.
3.03 Utilize a variety of printed and online sources for completing long-term assignments, i.e. research papers.


Competency Goal 4
Demonstrate the use of test preparation and test-taking skills.

4.01 Utilize appropriate study strategies, i.e. SIM, to prepare for tests.
4.02 Use study guides, review handouts/notes and take practice tests prior to taking tests.
4.03 Apply appropriate test-taking strategies, i.e. manage time, and focus on key words, narrow choices. 

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